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Conway Clamping Hardware for Telescopic Tooling Bars

CMI # 12-320-0-16-01

Conway Clamping Hardware that allows the two tooling bars to slide back and forth. Used with the Telescopic Tooling Bars for Bobst die cutters. Tooling Bars can be ordered to any length. Request a Quote!

Manufactured by Conway Machine, Inc.

  • Tooling Bar product image 1

    Tooling Bar

    Tooling Bar used in stripping section to hold Upper or Lower Strip Pins for Bobst die cutters.

  • Upper Strip Pin Assembly product image 1

    Upper Strip Pin Assembly

    Upper Strip Pin Assembly fits most Bobst & Sanwa die cutters.

  • Tooling Bar End Clamp Assembly product image 1

    Conway's Tooling Bar End Clamp...

    Conway's Tooling Bar End Clamp Assembly used to attach the tooling bar to the stripping frame.